Hub Release 1.016

Work included in the Hub release dated 28/01/2016

  • Correct Advanced Search for eIntegrity customers
  • Improve the performance and presentation of the Enrolment screen
  • Additional registration option for users working in University Dental Schools
  • Update the style templates for administration reports
  • Bug fixed relating to eFM Certificates throwing a javascript error
  • Improve the message to users trying to “refresh” session window

  • Improve management of system icons
  • Refinements to administration reporting
  • Bug fixed relating to statuses not updating correctly for non-scorm content
  • Improve account security when using the browser “back” button
  • Introduce Log In Wizard rules to improve user account maintenance

2 thoughts on “Hub Release 1.016”

  1. Hi, ever since using e-lfh site i have had problems with online training. These include- blank pages after approx page 7 on random assessments? Not able to print certificates, last one being Health & Safety which took ages. I completed it and have nothing to show for it! Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Hello Carol,
    I’m sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues.
    Many of the issues experienced by our learners are caused by their browsers, either due to the age of the browser, plugins specific to that browser or trust security settings. We can however assist you with rectifying these issues.
    With regards to reporting, we have a reporting centre which can be found under ‘My Activity’ which offers Itemised, and Summarised Activity Reports as well as a Programme/Course Summary Reports.
    Many of our Programmes also offer Programme/Course Certificates as well.
    For additional support to any of the above or any additional queries you may have, please contact e-LfH Support at the following address, and the Support Team will be more than happy to assist you:

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