Hub Release 1.017

Work included in the Hub release dated 01/03/2016

  • Bug fixed to stop registration emails from being blocked from NHS sites
  • Bug fixed relating to the Hub links to eIntegrity website
  • Bug fixed relating to My Activity reporting and programme selection

  • Improve message to users when a session times out
  • Improve search results for eIntegrity users
  • Bug fixed with eIntegrity Hub showing e-LfH Hub styling
  • Bug fixed relating to Reporting Permissions screen display
  • Bug fixed relating to NHS registration form and the job role
  • Improve formatting for description fields in administration reporting
  • Bug fixed for My e-Learning timing out and trying to play a session
  • Improve performance of My e-Learning Expanded View
  • Bug fixed to correct the display of Updated Date on Session Component Information page

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